Connect with us Sunday at 10:00 AM CST, both on campus and online (scroll down this page and you can join us by clicking on FacebookYouTubeTwitter, or connect to watch online.)

     On campus, face mask and hand sanitizing stations are available.  Greeters with gloves and masks open doors into the building.  We also have pews marked off and we ask that families sit together to promote social distancing. 

    During these days of uncertainty continue to find your strength in our Savior - our stabilizer! These days are producing a lot of stress and anxiety for people and we have a great opportunity to share the hope of Jesus!  


    There are also many opportunities through the week to stay connected.

    Wednesday 6:30pm Youtube - Wednesday Bible Study

    10:00pm Youtube - Word of Hope

    Friday Prayer and Fasting


    Thank you for your faithfulness in giving during these days. If you would like to mail your tithe or go to our online giving your heart of love for God and His church is a blessing.