Connect to Christ

    In your heart that God exists

    The first step is to believe in the very existence of God.  We see the evidence of God all around us throughout our daily lives, and yet many don't acknowledge His presence.  For obvious reasons, believing that there is a God is the first step on your journey. JOHN 3:16k

    to being a sinner separated from God

    One of the most difficult things to do is admitting our wrongs.  If you think about it, we can be prideful people that are typically not willing to admit when we make mistakes.  The reality is, God is Holy and we are not.  Holiness and sin are as compatible as darkness and light.  All of us have sinned in life and sin is what separates us from God. ISAIAH 59:1-2

    for God's forgiveness

    Personally ask Christ to forgive you for attempting to control your own life.  Confess things that you know have been displeasing to Him.  He is quick to forgive and give you a fresh start! 1 JOHN 1:-9

    God's forgiveness

    After asking forgiveness , the next step is accept the truth that He forgives!  It's the best news for all believers.  For some this is a difficult step to take, but understand the gravity in His forgiveness.  God has freely granted you this gift and only requires that you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead.  It's a simple as that!  ROMANS 10:9

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